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Clan Maclean Atlantic Calendar

The Clan Maclean Calendar will be the place to look for information on events and dates of interest to Macleans in Atlantic Canada.

The categories in the calendar are:

 Meeting  A meeting of Clan Maclean Atlantic, or other organization that CMA members will participate in.
 Highland Games  A Highland Games or festival in Altantic Canada.
 Gathering or Reunion  A gathering or reunion for MacLeans in Atlantic Canada. If you are having a family reunion or other MacLean related gathering in Atlantic Canada, and all MacLeans are welcome, let me know and I will add it here.
 This Day In History  Events important to Macleans throughout history (everywhere, not just Atlantic Canada).
 Battle  Important battle in which MacLeans participated (everywhere, not just Atlantic Canada).
 Scottish Day  A day that should be celebrated by Scots everywhere.
 Other  For events that don't fit elsewhere.

If I forgot a category, please let me know!

Some (many) of the events will be underlined, these are links that will open a new window/tab with more information, and possibly links to additional information.

The calendar will be updated with events and history as I get the information. If you would like to provide any aditional information that you think should be added to the calendar, please email webmaster@clanmacleanatlantic.org

Click here to open the calendar in a new window