Info and Instructions

On the thumbnails pages, click on the picture you want to view. This will open the picture in a new window. Click on the picture to close the window and return to the thumbnails page.

Images are best viewed on a truecolor display (24 bit or greater). If your display is set for 16 bit (65536 color) or 256 color, you may wish to adjust your display settings.

Pictures are on the CD in their original resolutions, and are scaled by your browser. This means that the original quality is preserved for printing. To save a picture to print, right click on the picture, and select SAVE IMAGE as (or similar, depending on your browser), and save the picture. It then may be loaded into other programs at full resolution to edit, print, etc.

NOTE: The online version of the CD only contains low resolution photos (540 pixels wide). If you want to purchase a CD with many high resolution pictures (varying resolutions depending on the contributor), click here to order.

Clan MacLean Atlantic would like to thank all those who made this CD possible, including everyone who contributed pictures and other material, and everyone who helped make Sir Lachlan's visit to Canada a great success by donating (in kind or financial). These include:

  • Northumberland Ferries Ltd.
  • Lot 16 MacLeans
  • Roddie and Miriam MacLean
  • Rodney and Fiona MacLean (MacLean Forestry Antigonish)
  • James K and James F MacLean
  • Margaret MacLean
  • Dave and Hinda MacLean
  • Glenora Inn and Distillery
  • Marjorie and Ian MacLean
  • Sobeys Ltd.
  • The Government of New Brunswick
  • The New Brunswick Scottish Cultural Association
  • L&M Highland Outfitters
  • Rev Bob MacLean
  • Frank MacLean
  • Toronto and District Clan Maclean Association
  • Betty (MacLean) Woods
  • Donald W and Jean MacLean
  • Doug and Karen McLean (McLean Micro)
and everyone else who helped! Without your efforts, Sir Lachlan's visit would not have been the great success it was.

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