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Clan Maclean Atlantic - 30th Anniversary Celebrations
Alexander MacLean Sinclair Symposium

Symposium Speakers

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Sir Lachlan Maclean, Bt, CVO, DL, is the 28th Chief of Clan Maclean, and Chair of the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust.

Sir Lachlan was born on the 25th of August in 1942. As the 28th hereditary chief of the Clan Maclean, he has worked to enhance the revival of world-wide clan kinship. The work of both Sir Lachlan and his late wife, Lady Mary Maclean, was recognized when Duart castle was awarded the Caledonian MacBrayne Award for Excellence in Tourism in 2008, recognizing that Sir Lachlan and Lady Mary have made Duart accessable to all, and particulary welcoming to Macleans.

Sir Lachlan Maclean's public service has been dominantly about preserving the clan and helping it flourish in the modern global society in which it now exists.

In his public service, Sir Lachlan has served as the Deputy Lieutenant of Argyll and Bute. He also served as Adjutant of the Royal Compny of Archers. In this role, he acted as the Silver Stick for Scotland (the ceremonial bodyguard to the British Monarch) during the state visit of Queen Elizabeth II to the opening of the Scottish Parliment.

Sir Lachlan also serves on the Board of Trustees of the Robertson Trust, an independent charitable Scottish trust who's prioritiess are community-based care, health, education, art, and sport.

Upon the death of his father, Baron Maclean, in 1990, Sir Lachlan became the 12 hereditary Baronet of Duart and Morvern on the 8th of February. Sir Lachlan holds the distinction of being the only Maclean chief to preside over the passing of a millenium.

Ian MacLean is a Trustee of the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust, President of Clan Maclean International, and Past President of Clan Maclean Atlantic.

Ian received his BA from Mount Allison University, with a double major in History and Political Science. He subsequently received a Master in Social Work from Dalhousie University, and an Advanced Diploma in Social Administration from the University of Keele (UK).

Ian is an ardent amateur historian, who is particularly interested in Macleans, in West Highland and Island history, and emigration from these areas, particularly of course to the Maritimes Provinces.

He is currently the President of Clan Maclean International, a Trustee of the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust, and Past President of Clan Maclean Atlantic Canada. Ian has written numerous articles for Celtic Heritage/Celtic Life, is a major contributor to the Banner and other Maclean and Scottish related publications, including the last Souvenir magazine of the 2007 Maclean Gathering on Mull. He was the primary developer of the Clan Maclean History Map, which was produced for the Heritage Trust.

Dr. Michael Linkletter holds a Masters and PhD in Celtic Languages & Literatures from Harvard University with a doctoral dissertation entitled Bu Dual Dha Sin (That Was His Birthright): Gaelic Scholar Alexander Maclean Sinclair (1840-1924). As an undergraduate he attended St. Francis Xavier University where he received degrees in Celtic Studies and History.

His research interests vary from medieval Irish and Welsh narrative tradition, to the historical development of Celtic Studies as an academic field, to the history, culture, and literature of the Scottish Gaels in Canada. He teaches courses in Celtic literature, Scottish Gaelic language, and the history of the old and new world Scottish Gaels.

Dr. Linkletter's great-great-great grandmother was a MacLean.

Dr. Kenneth Nilsen is Professor and Chairman of the Celtic Studies Department and holder of the Sister Saint Veronica Chair of Gaelic Studies at St. Francis Xavier University. He is a graduate of Brooklyn College and has a Masters degree and Ph.D. in Celtic Studies from Harvard University.

Dr. Nilsen teaches courses in Scottish and Irish Gaelic, Celtic literature, and Gaelic folklore. His research interests include the Celtic languages in North America. He has recorded on audio and video tape native speakers of Scottish and Irish Gaelic, Breton and Welsh, in Scotland, Ireland, Brittany, Wales and North America. Since 1987 he has contributed over 65 Gaelic pieces to the Antigonish weekly Casket which consist of material he has collected from Danny Cameron, one of the last speakers of mainland Nova Scotia Gaelic.

Susan Cameron is the Celtic Collection Librarian (Fr. Charles Brewer Celtic Collection) at the Angus L. Macdonald Library, St. Francis Xavier University. She is a native of Antigonish, and has been employed at the Library since 1986 in various roles. She has been the Celtic Collection Librarian since 2006, and is a board member of the Nova Scotia Gaelic Council, as well as a member of the Antigonish Heritage Association.

Susan has been a Gaelic learner for many years, and holds a M.L.I.S. from the University of Western Ontario (1986), a BEd in Secondary Social Studies from St. Francis Xavier University (1982), and a BA with major in History and a minor in English from St, Francis Xavier University (1981).

Dr. Alasdair Sinclair taught in the Economics Department of Dalhousie from 1961 until retirement in 1994. His main interests are macroeconomics, and international trade and finance issues, with a focus on development issues. He spent the 1971/72 year in the Development Planning Ministry of Tanzania, and in 1988/89 worked at the World Bank on the economic prospects of the six Caribbean O.E.C.S. countries.

Since retirement he has taught and consulted in over 20 countries, including World Bank Missions in Nigeria and Equatorial Guinea, and Economics Department training programs in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine. Most recently in 2005 he spent 4 months in Bolivia on a CESO mission. He is a graduate of Dalhousie, Oxford and Harvard Universities, and is a Professor Emeritus at Dalhousie.

Alasdair Sinclair is the grandson of Alexander MacLean Sinclair.

Dr. John Sinclair is the great, great, grandson of the Bard Maclean, and grandson of Alexander Maclean Sinclair.

He is named John after his great grandfather John Sinclair, and Campbell after AMS's wife, Mary Anne Campbell.

He inherited AMS's Hopewell home where he spends his summers.

John is a graduate of Dalhousie University (BSc in Mathematics), Nova Scotia Technical College (Engineering), University of Chicago (MBA), and Illinois Institute of Technology (PhD).

Now retired, he has worked at Westinghouse (Military Engineering), Zenith Radio (Research, Biomedical, and Hearing Aid divisions), Phonic Ear, Radio Ear, Plantronics, Harris Digital Telephone Systems, and ten marvelous years of video editing of feature films with George Lucas at Skywalker Ranch.

John's hobbies include chess, woodworking, golf, painting, history.

Dr. Robert Dunbar is a Reader in Celtic and Law at the University of Aberdeen. A Canadian with strong Nova Scotia connections (his family hails from Pictou County and Cape Breton Island), he holds degrees from the University of Toronto, Osgoode Hall Law School (LL.B.), the London School of Economics (LL.M.) and Edinburgh (Ph.D.), where he completed his thesis on the secular poetry of John MacLean.

His edition of the secular poems of John MacLean will be published by the Scottish Gaelic Texts Society, and he is planning a book on the poet under the title "The World of John MacLean, Brd Thighearna Chola" (Bard to the Laird of Coll), "Am Brd MacGilleain" (The Bard MacLean).

A fluent Scottish Gaelic-speaker, he has been at the forefront of Gaelic language maintenance efforts in Scotland, and is a member of Brd na Gidhlig, the statutory body appointed by the Scottish Government to oversee Gaelic development, and of MG ALBA, the body which, in partnership with the BBC, established the new Gaelic television service BBC ALBA in September, 2008.

Dr Dunbar understands he has MacLean connections, but has yet to verify the precise links. They would be a source of pride to him. His 15 month old son, however, has a good MacLean name: Lachlan!