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The Clan Gillean

This CD is a scan of the book "The Clan Gillean" by Rev. A. MacLean Sinclair. The original book was published in 1899, but this version contains many notes and updates that were transcribed from notes in the margins of two author's copies of the book.

"The Clan Gillean" is recognized as one of the most accurate of the Maclean histories, and the additional material makes it even more valuable as a reference tool.

Even if you own an original copy of this valuable and informative book, the updated material on this CD makes it worthwhile!

If you do not own an original copy of "The Clan Gillean", then this CD is the least expensive way for you to get access to this very rare and long out of print book.

A reprint of this book is now available. Click here!

Here is a complete list of sections and chapters in this book:

  • Instructions, Information and Notes
  • Inside Plate
  • Title Page
  • Table Of Contents
  • Chapter I - Introduction
  • Chapter II - Origin of the Clan Gillean
  • Chapter III - The First Eight Chiefs
  • Chapter IV - Hector Odhar and Lachlan Cattanach
  • Chapter V - Hector Mor and Hector Og
  • Chapter VI - Hector Mor and Hector Og
  • Chapter VII - Hector Og and Hector Mor
  • Chapter VIII - Sir Lachlan and His Sons
  • Chapter IX - Sir John and Sir Hector
  • Chapter X - Genealogy of the Macleans of Duart
  • Chapter XI - The Macleans and Maclaines of Lochbuie
  • Chapter XII - The Descendants of Terlach Mac Hector
  • Chapter XIII - The Descendants of Donald of Ardgour
  • Chapter XIV - The Descendants of Neil of Lehir
  • Chapter XV - The Descendants of John Garbh of Coll
  • Chapter XVI - The Macleans of Gigha and Morvern
  • Chapter XVII - The Macleans of Torloisk, Sweden, and Brolas
  • Chapter XVIII - Entraced Families
  • Chapter XIX - The Chieftanship of the Clan Gillean
  • Additions, References, and Corrections
  • List of Subscribers
  • Author's Notes

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