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Clan Maclean Pewter & Glass

#02 Beer Stein, 20 Ounce $25.00

#03 Square Shot Glass, 2.25" $15.00

#07 Key Chain 2"x1.5" $15.00

#08 Badge 2"x1.5" $25.00
#09 Lapel Pin 1.25"x1" $10.00

#14 Kilties badges replicas, complete set, $150.00
#15 Kilties hat badge replica, MacLean version, $45.00
#16 Kilties hat badge replica, New Brunswick Version, $45.00
#17 Kilties collar badge replica, MacLean version, $20.00
#18 Kilties collar badge replica, N.B.K. Sir S.O. version, $20.00
#19 Kilties shoulder badge replica, $20.00

#20 Napkin Ring (Each) $30.00

#21 Letter Opener $30.00

#22 Large Earrings $30.00

#23 Small Earrings $25.00

Clan Maclean Atlantic, in partnership with Atlantic Pewter & Glass, is pleased to be able to offer you a selection of quality pewter and glass items bearing the Maclean Battleaxe crest.

Although the Tower crest is the more common crest, the Battleaxe crest is the traditional crest for Clan Maclean.

Scroll down past the order form if you would like an explanation of the Battleaxe crest and why it was chosen rather than the more commonly seen Tower crest.


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#02 Beer Stein @ $25.00/ea
#03 Square Shot Glass @ $15.00/ea
#07 Key Chain @ $15.00/ea
#08 Badge @ $25.00/ea
#09 Lapel Pin @ $10.00/ea
#14 Kilties badges replicas,
complete set
@ $150.00/ea
#15 Kilties hat badge replica,
MacLean version
@ $45.00/ea
#16 Kilties hat badge replica,
New Brunswick version
@ $45.00/ea
#17 Kilties collar badge replica,
MacLean version
@ $20.00/ea
#18 Kilties collar badge replica,
N.B.K. Sir S.O.
@ $20.00/ea
#19 Kilties shoulder badge replica
@ $20.00/ea
#20 Napkin Ring (Each)
@ $30.00/ea
#21 Letter Opener
@ $30.00/ea
#22 Large Earrings
@ $30.00/ea
#23 Small Earrings
@ $25.00/ea
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The Battleaxe Symbol

Most of us associate Clan Maclean with the Tower crest, enclosed in a belt and buckle with the motto "Virtue Mine Honour". So why is Clan Maclean Atlantic Canada selling items, which use a battleaxe crest, and a different motto?

As a clan we have a number of different symbols. The most common is the Tower crest mentioned above. This is the one that most sellers of clan "gear" seem to use. It is the designated Chief's crest, and can be worn by any loyal Maclean.

The older Clan Maclean symbol is the battleaxe. The Lord Lyon Clerk points out that "Although it does not appear in the crest of the Chief the most common crest for the Macleans is the battleaxe between cypress and laurel and this clearly commemorates descent from Gillean of the Battle-Axe". This crest is used by the Scottish Clan Maclean Association, the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust, as well as on most Maclean "coats of arms". Our Chief, Sir Lachlan wears a most interesting hat badge that has both the Tower and the Battleaxe on it!

The battleaxes are not all shaped the same. Some have a point going straight up, and some have a hook shape. It would seem that either is proper. We decided to use the battleaxe with the straight point. Sir Lachlan's father, Lord Maclean, had reasoned that the hooked axe suggested that either the Macleans were shepherds, or they fought against mounted warriors. Macleans were not notable farmers, and they fought in ships, or on foot, (mostly) in the Highlands against others on foot. Logic suggested to him, and was good enough for us, that the straight point made sense, and was at least as proper as the hooked version(s).

"Altera Merces" is the accepted motto of the Clan as a whole. The motto is commonly translated as "Victory or Death", or "To Conquer or Die"! More literal translations are "Alternate Outcomes", "Either Rewards", or "Reward is Secondary". The branches in the crest are laurel and cypress, laurel indicating victory and the cypress death.

The belt and buckle surrounding a crest indicates loyalty to the person (Chief), or clan, who is identified with the crest/symbol. Thus the Tower enclosed in the belt and buckle indicates loyalty to the Chief, and the Battleaxe so enclosed indicates loyalty to the Clan. Many of us proudly wear, or use both.

Hopefully this explains why our pewter and glassware items proudly display a battleaxe crest, enclosed in a belt/strap and buckle, with the motto Altera Merces!

MacLean Kilties Badges

More information about the MacLean Kilties may be found here.