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Celebrating The Clan Maclean
by Ian MacLean

Ian's exciting new book, Celebrating the Clan Maclean tells the stories behind the places, people and events which illustrate how Macleans have made an impact worldwide - in North America, Australia, New Zealand, Morocco, and of course in Scotland. As a clan and as individuals Macleans have proved to be brave, loyal, determined and adventurous, although not always showing great prudence! Not exactly a history book, but certainly providing the story behind all the projects celebrated in the first 25 years of the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust.

Ian MacLean, a long time Trustee describes how and why the Trust came into being; the important players behind the scenes, and has delved into the projects - whether unique, or ongoing, in an easy but still thorough way. Each chapter focuses on one project and all illustrate what makes Macleans unique, and special. Included are descriptions of why and how they were involved in notable castles, and battles, as well as providing the background on individuals or families that have been honoured. Imagine a bagpipe playing Scotsman who becomes a General for a Sultan, a devastating battle where the majority of the Macleans are killed yet results in a famous battlecry, the building of a fort named Castle Duart (Fort Dewart) in the United States, a blood gathering Doctor in Australia who saves lives - these are but a few of the strange but real tales.

Not forgotten are the Trust's ongoing efforts to collect and preserve special Maclean historical items; produce books and a map designed to inform those who want to learn more about Clan Maclean; support for Maclean piping; and support for our culture both in clan lands and elsewhere.

The book will be officially launched at the Clan Maclean International Gathering in June, but is available now. For those that are attending the Gathering, it can be ordered through the Duart Castle Giftshop now, and by using the code Gathering 23, the costs of shipping and handling will be removed and a book(s) of their choosing (hardcover or softcover) will be held for them.

For those not attending the Gathering, books can be ordered through either Lulu.com, or Duart Castle. If through Lulu.com a discount may be available. Check Lulu.com discounts. All proceeds from the book will help support ongoing efforts of the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust, and/or Duart Castle.

You can use the following links to order the book:

Paperback from Lulu.com
Hardcover from Lulu.com
From Duart Castle Gift Shop

Nicolas Maclean of Pennycross in his extensive review of the book says "Ian MacLean of Tidnish in Canada has prepared a veritable feast for Macleans and Maclaines, young or old. His 231 pages achieve a very comprehensive history of the first 25 years of the Trust, which is ideal reading either to dip into or to read at a stretch. Its style is highly readable, with erudition lightened by flashes of humour."

"Celebrating the Clan Maclean" is a must-have volume for all members of Clan Maclean says Patrick MacLean of former President of CMAUS, and Clan Maclean International. Ian MacLean’s "Celebrating the Clan Maclean" is a much-needed addition to the literature about a great and powerful presence both in the West Highlands and Islands of Scotland and around the world. He adds that many of the stories and accounts included in the book have never before been in print.

Judy Maclean of Australia feels that the book is "well written and researched which makes for an enjoyable read and includes all the facts pertaining to each historical event. The accompanying photographs and illustrations add to the enjoyment of reading this book". She goes on to suggest that "The author's personal style and his sense of humour in delivering these deeds to the readers adds to the overall charm of the stories".

All proceeds from the book will help support ongoing efforts of the Trust, and/or Duart Castle.