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Clan Chattan Bond Signing

The Macleans of Dochgarrroch, or the Macleans of the North (of Scotland) are not only allied to the Clan Maclean, but also to the Clan Chattan. The Clan Chattan is a "super" clan, - a confederacy of smaller clans who banded together, and the friendship and mutual support has lasted for many centuries!

These Macleans went north to assist the MacDonald Lord of the Isles, and were at one point the Constables of Urquhart Castle. They held their Urquhart lands until the Lords of the Isles were forfeited in 1479, when the connection with the Clan Chattan proved useful for the Macleans, but even they could not secure the Macleans hold on Urquhart, which in 1509 passed to the Clan Grant. The Macleans were eventually scattered around the area, some probably taking different surnames, and the chieftains found a home nearby at Dochgarroch, near Loch Ness, hence the family name of "Maclean of Dochgarroch".

If your Macleans are from the North of Scotland, - anywhere around Loch Ness or Inverness, they are probably Dochgarrochs.

The Clan Chattan is celebrating the 400th anniversary of it's most famous bond of friendship. If you are a Maclean of Dochgarrroch, you may want to sign the new Bond (agreement) that is being signed in August 2009 in Inverness, Scotland. Please go to the Clan Chattan website for more details.

Urquhart Castle