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Clan Maclean - Atlantic Canada


 1.1 The name shall be the Clan Maclean - Atlantic Canada.


 2.1 The Clan Maclean-Atlantic Canada is an organization,
     whose objectives are:
       (a) Allegiance to the Chief of the Clan Maclean and
           loyalty to Clan Maclean.
       (b) Promotion of the Clan and its heritage, for today
           and for future generations.

 2.2 The objectives will be achieved not least by means of
     philanthropic, educational, genealogical, cultural and
     social activities.


 3.1 Persons bearing either by birth, adoption or marriage,
     the surname Maclean in any of its various forms and
     spellings or that of any one of the recognized septs,
     adherents or dependents.

 3.2 Persons bearing a surname other than Maclean, but whose
     spouse, maternal parent, grand-parent, or great
     grand-parent bore either the name Maclean or one of the
     recognized names as in 3.1.

 3.3 Persons as in 3.1 or 3.2 who resided outside Atlantic
     Canada may become Associated Members (see 6.2 below).

 3.4 The subscribers to the Association and such other
     persons as shall be admitted to membership in accordance
     to these By-Laws. And none other, shall be members of
     the Association and their names shall be entered in the
     Register of Members accordingly.

 3.5 For the purposes of registration, the number of members
     of the Association is unlimited.

 3.6 The membership of the Association shall not be

 3.7 Adherents and Associate Members (see 6 below).

 3.8 Corporate members (see 7 below).	


 4.1 Members who belong directly to the association shall
     consist of Life Members, Long-term Members, Ordinary
     Members, Junior Members, and Honorary Members.
       (a) Life Members shall consist of those who have
           paid a Life Membership subscription.
       (b) Long-term Members shall consist of those persons
           who contribute a single payment for a period of
           time, which shall be determined by executive.
       (c) Ordinary Members shall consist of those persons
           who contribute an annual subscription for a
           minimum number of years, which shall be determined
           by the council.
       (d) Junior Members shall consist of those up to the
           age of 18.
       (e) Honorary Members (see 5 below) do not pay a
           subscription and are members for life.

 4.2 All members except Honorary Members pay a subscription
     to be determined by the Association from time to time.

 4.3 A Member's name shall not be removed from the Roll
     unless such a Member signifies a desire to resign, or
     the Association, by a majority, decide to remove such
     a Member's name. Non payment of the annual subscription
     for a period of one year automatically terminates


 5.1 The Association/Executive may honor clan members who
     have made a significant contribution to the world by
     electing them as Honorary Members. Honorary Members
     enjoy all the benefits of other Members, except from
     entitlement to vote.		


 6.1 A person of full age, not otherwise qualified for
     admission under the rules, who desires to show his or
     her adherence to the Clan Maclean may, by the vote of
     the executive, qualify as an Adherent Member.

 6.2 Other persons interested in the affairs of the Clan
     and/or the Association, who are not otherwise eligible
     for membership may, by vote of the executive, become
     Associate Members.

 6.3 Adherent Members and Associated Members shall not be
     entitled to vote or hold a position of office. 


 7.1 Corporate bodies may apply to the Association to
     become subscribing members and, if accepted, pay an
     annual subscription, determined by council. Such bodies
     are not eligible to vote. 


 8.1 The Executive shall consist of:

 8.2 President shall, subject to the control and direction
     of the members, have general supervision of the
     activities of the Association and shall perform such
     duties as may be assigned to him or her by the officers
     from time to time. He or she shall also serve as the
     Branch Representatives to the Executive of the

 8.3 Vice Presidents (six) shall, subject to the control and
     direction of the members, have general supervision of
     the activities of the members of the Association residing
     in their respective areas, and shall perform such duties
     as may be assigned to them by the president or members
     from time to time. One of the Vice Presidents (appointed
     1st Vice) shall, at the request of the Officers and
     subject to their direction, perform the duties of the
     President, or during such absence, illness or incapacity
     of the President, or during such period as the President
     may request him or her to do so. Vice Presidents shall
     represent the following areas:
       (a) Nova Scotia
       (b) Nova Scotia
       (c) At Large
       (d) New Brunswick
       (e) Prince Edward Island
       (f) Newfoundland

 8.4 Secretary shall act as Secretary at all meetings of the
     Society and shall keep the minutes of the meetings of
     members and officers, carry out necessary correspondence
     and shall perform such duties as may be assigned to him
     or her by the officers or members.

 8.5 Treasurer shall have custody of all the funds of the
     association lodged in a Bank in the name of the
     Association, or otherwise invested as the executive shall
       (a) The Treasurer shall be responsible, under the
           executive for proper books and accounts to be kept,
           and an annual Statement of Accounts to be prepared.
       (b) The Treasurer shall at each general meeting of the
           Association present to the meeting a true account
           of the Associations finances.
       (c) The Treasurer shall be responsible for the general
           running of the financial affairs of the Association. 

 8.6 Immediate Past President
       (a) Chair nomination committee.

 8.7 Editor of BANNER
       (a) At least three Newsletters per year. 

 8.8 Keeper of genealogy
       (a) Maintain records and books for Clan Maclean.

 8.9 The President and other members of the Executive shall be
     elected annually at the Annual General Meeting, but with
     consecutive terms of office usually not exceeding five
     years. Honorary Members shall also be elected annually at
     the AGM.

 8.10 Official Representatives may be appointed on an annual
      basis by the Annual General Meeting, on the
      recommendation of the Executive, to further the work
      of the Association on a specific area.


 9.1 Meetings of the Association and the Annual General
     Meeting shall be held at such places and times as the
     Executive may determine format of all meetings to be
     conducted by Robert's Rules of Order.

 9.2 The annual meeting of the Association shall be held
     within 2 months after the end of each fiscal year of
     the Association. The Secretary shall give notice in
     writing of the Annual Meeting to all members of the
     Association at least 15 days before the date on which
     the meeting is to be held.

 9.3 An extraordinary general meeting of the Association
     may be called by the President or by the Officers at
     any time, and shall be called by the President or
     Officers if requisitioned in writing by at least twenty
     five percent (25%) in number of the members of the
     Association. Two weeks notice of the meeting and the
     nature of the special business shall be given to the
     members by the Secretary.

 9.4 Five members shall form a quorum.

 9.5 The business of the Annual General Meeting shall
       (a) Minutes of proceeding general meeting.
       (b) The reception and adoption of the Annual Report
           of the Association and annual Statement of
           Accounts, duly audited.
       (c) The election of the executive officers and
           appointment of the auditor.

           1. Any disputed question shall be decided, except
              as otherwise herein provided by the votes of
              the majority of the members present and entitled
              to vote. The President shall have deliberative
              and casting vote.

           2. Proxy votes for absent members may only be
              recorded through the Chair and in writing.


 10.1 The task of Executive is to further the aims and
      objectives of the Association.

 10.2 The Executive shall meet at least once a year, but
      more often as may be determined, in the interests of
      the Association. The chairman, who will normally be
      the president, shall have a deliberative and
      casting vote.

 10.3 The Executive may exercise all such powers as may
      be exercised by the Association and may do all such
      acts in order to carry out any of the objectives of
      the Association, provided such are not required to be
      exercised or done by the Association in General Meeting.

 10.4 In particular, the executive shall have the following
        (a) To appoint officials on an honorary basis and
            to ensure that they fulfil their duties and to
            fill vacancies among the Executive Officers until
            members can be elected by Association.
        (b) To appoint sub-Committees and to fix the powers
            of each sub-committees.

 11.1 The Clan Maclean - Atlantic Canada recognizes the
      Scottish Clan Maclean Association as the founding
      and senior association, which makes up the Clan
      Maclean International Associations. These individual
      worldwide Associations are affiliated to the Clan
      Maclean Associations.

 11.2 The Clan Maclean Association also recognizes the
      Clan Maclean Heritage Trust and works in conjunction
      with it.


 12.1 No amendment of the Constitution shall be made
      except at an Annual General Meeting of the
      Association by the resolution of two-thirds of members
      present and entitled to vote. Notice of such amendments
      shall be given in writing to the secretary, not later
      then 28 days before the Executive Meeting prior to the
      said Annual General Meeting, so that the executive can
      consider it. Any such amendment shall be specified in
      the intonation calling the Annual General Meeting, and
      such changes shall come into effect upon adjournment of
      the meeting at which the resolution is approved.


 13.1 The general interpretation of this Constitution will be
      through by-laws, which will be regulated by Resolution
      of Executive.