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Are You A Maclean?

Maclean is derived from Mac Gille Eathaine, Gaelic for "son of the servant of St. John."

Some variants are variations in spelling, some contractions and attempts to convert the name from gaelic to english (and other languages).

Even if your last name is not a variant of Maclean, you may belong to one of the Maclean septs.

The following names are variations of the name Maclean. This list is not comprehensive, there may be other spellings and variations:

MacLean, McLean, Maclean, Mclean, M'Lean, MacClean, Macclean, McClean, Mcclean, M'Clean, Maklean, M'Klean, Macklean, Makclean, McKlean, MacLaine, McLaine, Maclaine, Mclaine, M'Laine, MacClaine, Macclaine, McClaine, Mcclaine, M'Claine, Maklaine, M'Klaine, Macklaine, Makclaine, McKlaine, MacLane, McLane, Maclane, Mclane, M'Lane, MacClane, Macclane, McClane, Mcclane, M'Clane, Maklane, M'Klane, MacKlane, Macklane, Makclane, McKlane, Makllane, MacLain, McLain, Maclain, Mclain, M'Lain, MacClain, Macclain, McClain, Mcclain, M'Clain, Maklain, M'Klain, Macklain, Makclain, McKlain, MacLeane, McLeane, Mcleane, Macleane, M'Leane, MacCleane, Maccleane, McCleane, Maccleane, M'Cleane, Makleane, M'Kleane, Mackleane, Makcleane, McKleane, M'Gleane, McLeany, MacLan, McLan, Maclan, Mclan, M'Lan, MacClan, Macclan, McClan, Mcclan, M'Clan, Maklan, M'Klan, Macklan, Macklan, Makclan, McKlan, MacLene, McLene, Mclene, Maclene, M'Lene, MacClene, Macclene, McClene, M'Clene, Maklene, M'Klene, Macklene, Makclene, McKlene, MacLen, McLen, Mclen, Maclen, M'Len, MacClen, Macclen, McClen, Mcclen, M'Clen, Maklen, M'Klen, Macklen, Makclen, McKlen, MacLaen, McLaen, Mclaen, Maclaen, M'Laen, MacClaen, Macclaen, McClaen, Mcclaen, M'Claen, Maklaen, M'Klaen, Macklaen, Makclaen, McKlaen, MacLayne, McLayne, Maclayne, Mclayne, M'Layne, MacClayne, Macclayne, McClayne, Mcclayne, M'Clayne, Maklayne, Macklayne, M'Klayne, Makclayne, McKlayne, Malayne, MacLayn, McLayn, Maclayn, Mclayn, M'Layn, MacClayn, Macclayn, McClayn, Mcclayn, M'Clayn, Maklayn, Macklayn, M'Klayn, Makclayn, McKlayn, MacLyn, McLyn, Mclyn, Maclyn, M'Lyn, MacClyn, Macclyn, McClyn, Mcclyn, M'Clyn, Maklyn, M'Klyn, Macklyn, Makclyn, McKlyn, MacLyne, McLyne, Maclyne, Mclyne, M'Lyne, MacClyne, Macclyne, McClyne, Mcclyne, M'Clyne, Maklyne, Macklyne, M'Klyne, Makclyne, McKlyne, Makelyne, MacLynne, McLynne, Maclynne, Mclynne, M'Lynne, MacClynne, Macclynne, McClynne, Mcclynne, M'Clynne, Maklynne, Macklynne, M'Klynne, Makclynne, McKlynne, MacKlyn, Makelynne, MacClune, McClune, M'Clune, Macklune, MacClun, McClun, M'Clun, Macclone, McClwne, M'Clwne, M'Clwn, MacLeone, McLeone, Mcleone, Macleone, M'Leone, MacCleone, Maccleone, McCleone, Mccleone, M'Cleone, Makleone, M'Kleone, Mackleone, Makcleone, McKleone, MacLeon, McLeon, Mcleon, Macleon, M'Leon, MacCleon, Maccleon, McCleon, Mccleon, M'Cleon, Makleon, M'Kleon, Mackleon, Makcleon, McKleon, MacLin, McLin, Maclin, Mclin, M'Lin, MacClin, Macclin, McClin, Mcclin, M'Clin, Maklin, M'Klin, MacKlin, Macklin, Makclin, McKlin, MacLeen, McLeen, Macleen, Mcleen, M'Leen, MacCleen, Maccleen, McCleen, Mccleen, M'Cleen, MakLeen, Makleen, M'Kleen, MacKleen, Mackleen, Makeleen, Makcleen, McKleen, MacLion, McLion, Maclion, Mclion, M'Lion, MacClion, Macclion, McClion, Mcclion, M'Clion, Maklion, M'Klion, Macklion, Makclion, McKlion, MacLine, McLine, Macline, Mcline, M'Line, MacCline, Maccline, McCline, Mccline, M'Cline, Makline, M'Kline, Mcklaine, Mackcline, Makcline, McKline, MacLein, McLein, Maclein, Mclein, M'Lein, MacClein, Macclein, McClein, Mcclein, M'Clein, Maklein, M'Klein, MacKlein, Macklein, Makclein, McKlein, MacLeain, McLeain, Macleain, Mcleain, M'Leain, MacCleain, Maccleain, McCleain, Mccleain, M'Cleain, Makleain, M'Kleain, Mackleain, Makcleain, McKleain, MacLeand, McLeand, Macleand, Mcleand, M'Leand, MacCleand, Maccleand, McCleand, Mccleand, M'Cleand, Makleand, M'Kleand, Mackleand, Makcleand, McKleand, MacAloon, McAloon, M'Aloon, MacClone, McClone, M'Clone, MacGlone, McGlone, M'Glone, MacLoon, McLoon, M'Loon, Macklier, Mackliers, Magliers, Makeliers, Makelirss, Makelir, Makeleer, Mackelein, Mack Klun, MacKleyn, Malyane, M'Killeane, MackCleiden, Makelyne, MacOlaine, McOlaine, M'Olaine, M'Ollaine, MacOleane, McOleane, M'Oleane, V'Oleane, MacOlloine, McOlloine, M'Olloine, Macerlean, MacIleain, Mackelein, MakIlane, M'Illclayne, McIlaine, McIllaine, Mcillaine, Mcillayn, McIllon, Mcillion, Makilane, Machilyn, Lane, Lain, Laine, Layne, Layn, Lean, Gillean, Gilean, Gileain, Gilleoin, Gilleon, Gillian, Gillon, Gillen, Gillzean, Gilzean, Gilsean, Gilzeane, Gillane, Gillan, Gilland, Gilhon, Gellion Mac Gille-Eoin, Mac Gille eoin, MacGilleathain, Mac Ghill'Eathain, MacGillean, M'Gillean, Makgillean, MacGillelane, M'Gillelane, Macgillelane, MacGillayne, McGillayne, M'Gillayne, MacGillane, McGillane, M'Gillane, Makgillane, MacGillyane, McGillyane, M'Gillyane, Makgillyane, MacGilloyne, McGilloyne, M'Gilloyne, Makgilloyne, MacGillon, McGillon, M'Gillon, Makgillon, MacGilhon, McGilhon, M'Gilhon, Makgilhon, MacGilleon, McGilleon, M'Gilleon, Makgilleon, MacGilleoin, McGilleoin, M'Gilleoin, Makgilleoin, MacGilleone, McGilleone, M'Gilleone, Makgilleone, MacGilleoun, McGilleoun, M'Gilleoun, Makgilleoun, MacGuilleon, McGuilleon, M'Guilleon, Makguilleon, MacGilleoune, McGilleoune, M'Gilleoune, Makgilleoune, Megilleoune, MacGillichean, McGillichean, M'Gillichean, Makgillichean.

The following are septs of the Clan Maclean:

Avoy, Bay, Bea, Beath, Beatie, Beaton, Beattie, Beatty, Beeton, Bheath, Bheatha, Bheaton, Bethune, Betun, Bey, Black, Clanachan, Claneachainn, Clanichan, Cormack, Cormic, Cormick, de Bethune, Dewart, Douie, Doward, Dowart, Dowie, Dowey, Dowy, Duart, Duie, Eachainn, Echan, Eichan, Evoy, Fadyen, Garbhe, Garvie, Garvey, Gilhon, Gillan, Gilland, Gillean, Gillivray, Gillon, Huey, Huie, Jarvie, Lain, Laine, Lane, Layne, Leach, Lean, Leatch, Lech, Leche, Leiche, Leitch, Leytch, Litch, MacAvey, McAvey, MacAvoy, McAvoy, Macavy, MacBay, MacBeath, MacBeatha, MacBea, McBea, MacBee, McBee, MacBeth, MacBheath, MacBheatha, MacCormack, McCormack, MacCormaig, MacCormaich, MacCormick, McCormick, MacClanachan, MacCracken, McCracken, MacCraken, McCraken, MacEachan, MacEachain, MacEvoy, Macevy, McEvoy, MacFadden, MacFaden, MacFadgen, MacFadyen, MacFadzean, MacFayden, MacFergain, MacFergan, MacFethridge, MacFetridge, MacGarvie, MacGarvey, MacGeachan, MacGillean, MacGillivray, Macgilvra, McGilvray, MacGuire, Maguire, MacGwyer, MacHarvey, Maciduy, Macildowie, Macildue, Macilduff, Macileich, Macilergan, Macilhuie, Macilvra, Macilvera, Macilvora, MacLergain, MacLegran, MacPeadrus, MacPhadden, MacPhaiden, MacPhetridge, MacQuire, MacRankin, MacRaing, MacSpadden, McSpadden, MacSpedden, McSpedden, MacVay, McVay, MacVeagh, McVeagh, MacVeigh, McVeigh, MacVey, McVey, MacVoy, McVoy, Maguire, Niger, Paden, Padon, Paton, Patten, Peden, Raing, Rankan, Rankin, Rankine, Ranking, Vay, Vey