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Windows Backdrops

Here are some Maclean related backdrops for your Windows desktop.

All backdrops are true colour, either narrow or wide screen. You should select a backdrop for your display format, then set your windows backdrop to STRETCH in your display properties. To do this, RIGHT CLICK on an empty spot on your desktop and select PROPERTIES from the popup menu. From there find an option to stretch the backdrop (where this is will depend on your operating system).

If you select the wrong format for your display, for example if you select a narrow screen backdrop and you have a wide display, it will still work but will be distorted.

To set a picture as your backdrop, click on the small thumbnail below to open the picture in a new window. The picture may take a couple of minutes to load (especially on dialup), they are fairly large. You will not see the whole picture in the popup window because the pictures are too large. This is normal.

Once the picture is fully loaded, click on it with the RIGHT mouse button. From the popup menu, select SET AS WALLPAPER or SET AS BACKGROUND. This will set the picture are your Windows backdrop. You may then close the popup window.

New backdrops will be added as they become available.

Duart Castle - For Wide Screen Monitors
Duart Castle
Duart Castle - For Wide Screen Monitors
78th Highlanders demonstrate musket drill at the 2006 Fredericton Highland Games.
The World War I 236th Battalion, the "MacLean Kilties", with Chief of Clan Maclean, Sir Fitzroy Maclean, March 4, 1918.
Duart Castle in the early 1900s, taken from an old photo postcard.
The World War I 236th Battalion, the "MacLean Kilties", from an old photo.
The stained glass Birlinn presented to Sir Lachlan during his visit to Atlantic Canada.
A replica of The Hector in Pictou, Nova Scotia.
The Clan Maclean Atlantic event tent.