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Clan Maclean

The Maclean lineage stems from old Dugald of Scone, of the Royal House of Lorne from the ancient Celtic Kings of Dalriada. Macleans take their name from one of the descendents, a legendary hero of the thirteenth century, Gillean-Na-Tuagha (Gillean of the Battle Axe). Gillean or Gilleoin means a devotee of St. John. Hence his children are called Clan Gillean or Clan Gilleoin and various others spelling forms in English.

Great warriors and staunch supporters of Robert Bruce, they fought at Bannockburn under Gillie Callum. His son, John, obtained grant of lands in Mull and his sons, Lachlan, Duart, and Hector Loch Buie established the Maclean Clan that rose to great power and influence under the Lordship of the Isles. On the forteiture of the Lordship they transferred their proverbial loyalty to the Stuart monarchs. Their loyalty to the Stuarts nearly brought them to ruin, but they have survived through hard and difficult times. In modern times, Duart remains the main Clan seat and we are all proud of our Chief, Sir Lachlan Maclean of Duart and Movern Bt. Twenty-Eighth Chief of Clan Gillean.

Our Chief, Maclean of Duart has described our clan spirit quite distinctly:

"The strength of a unified Clan, such as ours today, is no longer found in stone and mortar. The strength of our Clan today is found in the individual - in each one of you, whether man, woman or child, no matter where you be. It is found in your blood, in the pride which you have for your ancient name and the heritage which lies behind it, it is found in your very heart. It is indeed a challenge."