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Sir Lachlan Visits Atlantic Canada

In the summer of 2003, Sir Lachlan Maclean visited Atlantic Canada. To commemorate his visit, Clan Maclean Atlantic Association has produced a picture and information CD that will be of interest not only to Macleans in Atlantic Canada, but also to Macleans world wide.

The CD contains pictures from various events, copies of newspaper and magazine articles about Sir Lachlan's visit, information about the gifts that were presented to him, and more!

The pictures and other info on the CD are easily browsable using the indexed thumbnail pages. Images are scaled on the screen so that they will fit on your screen, but the images are stored in their original resolution on the CD to that they may be printed without losing quality. Some pictures are of a higher resolution than others (and thus will produce better printouts), depending on the original source of each picture.

This CD contains over 300 pictures plus a wealth of other information about Sir Lachlan's visit!

  • A low resolution version of the entire CD may be viewed on online here (new window/tab).
  • If you want to purchase a CD with many high resolution pictures, click here to order.